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A collective of talented artists, filmmakers and creatives, mindcreation is a full service creative studio blossoming in the fields of graphic design, film production and web development.

mindcreation opened in 2009 determined to create complete brand and corporate identity solutions as well as produce imaginative and visually stunning film and multi-media content.

We can take on projects from inception or collaborate with other firms by offering any of our required services under the supervision of an advertising agency or production company. In either case the main focus of the company is to create compelling content that appeals to an audience's humanity and excites their imagination.

Today's marketplace is swamped by visual clutter. The channels of communication are exponentially increasing, and the shelf life of a message is considered adequate if it exceeds its time in the spotlight.

This means brands are expected to be more visible, more unique, more lean, more identifiable and more approachable.

We take this responsibility very seriously by taking the same diligence in understanding a product or brand as we do to understand its audience.

We walk the client through a process that may be unfamiliar or reminiscent of tedious and short-sighted collaborations, and create an experience of learning and building.


Great ideas, unique creativity, professional application - no more, no less.

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